On Finca Ruenda Suelta we believe in natural horsemanship
by which all the horses and other animals are treated as
individual characters. 
We have about 16 horses of the famous horse breed
"Pura Raza Española", whom have been bred on
Finca Rienda Suelta for 6 years now. Foals are born every year,
which has led to a large number of horses on the Finca.
Guests can always participate in taking care of the horses,
and guided outdoor rides in small groups can be arranged. 
In the near future we would like to organise and offer
natural horsemanship holidays. 
The full and varied program will include: 
- five nights accommodation at the Finca
- all meals 
- natural horsemanship workshops
- trails
- Flamencoshow in Ronda
- and much more
If you are interested, please send an email to
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