March 9 - March 14th 

Vocal coach Julie Scott wil offer a singing & voice expression retreat from 9 to 15 March at Finca Rienda Suelta.


If it is cold and dark in the rest of Europe, you will enjoy a week of warmth and learn everything about your voice. Daily delicious food will be cooked for you. Besides the lessons, there is time for a wonderful walk through the beautiful nature, a visit to one of the cities in the neighborhood, or for example a canoe trip.

In the background flamenco music of the artists from the village ... campfire with the most delicious wine, good conversations and all the time and rest to enjoy the inspiring lessons ...


In addition to my own range of classes, there is an opportunity for those who want to participate in a wonderful walking session with nature coach Peek Hijmans.


Who is this retreat suitable for?

* If you have no experience and are curious about the possibilities of your voice.

* For experienced singers and singers looking for more depth in their voices. Perhaps you have completed a technical vocal training, but you want to sing more with feeling.

* For people who are not yet familiar with my way of working, there is an intake interview, so that we can get to know in advance. That way we find out if it really is something for you!


Topics that will be discussed:


- how do I increase my reach

- what do I have to do to better deal with tension / uncertainty

- improvisation on music

- how do I get more volume

- sing mantra

- text experience

- how do I ensure that my breathing is good

- which way of performing suits me

- how do I ensure that I sing cleanly


For the sake of clarity: I do not work with sheet music!

Price € 725,- p.p.


  • 9 to 15 maart

  • 6 nights 

  • 3 meals a day, for 6 days 

  • all the lessons and workshops 

  • a private lesson

  • extra: a walk with coach Peek Hijmans

exclusive: flight ticket, insurances

Bookings and more information:

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