Finca Rienda Suelta is a perfect place to organise your special group holidays such as:
- Yoga retreat
- Singing retreat
- Painting workshops
- Hiking holidays
- Riding holidays
Are you a coach? A travel agent? A walking guide? And are you looking for a place to organise a special holiday in Andalucia? Fink Rienda Vuelta is the perfect place for groups up to ten people.
Not only do we host a beautiful accommodation but also we can, for example, provide for all the meals for the group or offering special trips besides the workshops you will host.  
We also organise ourselves week-holidays for small groups as well. A balanced combination of a nature - culture holiday for example, due for May 2019. More info and prices will follow soon.
Are you interested to organise a holiday on Finca Rienda Suelta, contact us for possibilities and information.
 9 - 14 March 2019: Singing Retreat by vocal coach Julie Scott
26th April - 2 May 2019: Horseback riding Holiday