Exclusive Yoga and Ayurveda Introduction for Beginners

Monday 16 September - Monday 23 September

Thursday 25 September - Thursday 3 October

(6 days, 7 nights)

  • Yoga, pranayama and meditation (60 to 90 min) before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner

  • General introduction to Ayurveda and nutrition on the first day

  • Personal Ayurvedic nutritional consultation (90 min) for every participant

  • 3 meals per day + coffee, tea, water, fruit

  • apartment shared by 2 or 4 people

What you get from this week:

  • A 20-minute yoga routine that you can practice independently on a daily basis. Of course, many other asanas will be presented as well.

  • Enough experience with different forms of meditation to create your own daily routine.

  • From your personal Ayurvedic nutritional consultation, you will receive a list of food recommendations based on your individual constitution.

  • Basic understanding of Ayurveda and how to eat for improved health and wellbeing.

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Hope to see you in September!
Karen and Chris